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Originally Posted by marcgode View Post

400mA and 500mA Voltage Regulator

Generic P/N 2937-3.3

General Description
Package Availability, Models, Samples & Pricing

Positive Voltage - Fixed Family
Parametric Table
Multiple Output Capability No
On/Off Pin No
Error Flag No
Input Voltage, min (Volt) 4.75
Input Voltage, max (Volt) 26
Output Current, max 400 mA,500 mA
Quiescent Current, typ (mA) 2
Output Voltage (Volt) 3.30
Watchdog No

it only looses little power and has max 26 volt input
I have a 9303 and run a 'naked' lipo. Based on these specs above, I should be able to just charge and go. I still however just charge the lipo to about 11.5-11.9 (3.83-3.96 per cell) and leave it at that. when I see the battery read 11.1ish on the tx, I charge.
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