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Default First Hover - Phoenix ROCKS!

Just got back from hovering my first pack at the flying field. I'm over the moon! Been playing with Phoenix for months now and longing for this day.

Weather forecast said it was 9mph, so I grabbed the chance, as it's been too windy/rainy of late. When I got to the field, it was 11mph, and felt like more than that, but I strapped in my pack, checked her over - links, Tx etc - and took off for the first time.

The feeling was unbelievable - I kept saying to myself, 'I'm actually doing this! I'm actually doing this!' lol.

I mainly hovered around 12-15 ft up in the air, as she climbed quickly, I'm guessing because of the wind... She went away from me, and I brought her back. She came to close, and I sent her away. It all felt familliar thanks to Phoenix, albeit with a slightly less responsive head than the sim, which I preferred anyway.

After what seemed like an eternity (1.5 minutes probably lol) I landed, as I thought the wind was becoming more blustery, and making the heli harder to control. Nonetheless, I cannot believe how stable my little G5 is! Never flown anything else except for a coax, but wow! And no training gear either! EVER!

G5 sounds MUCH meaner than a rex 450, too. I witnessed one of those flying around last week, and the G5 sounds like a 500 in comparison. Looked a lot more stable too.

I fly pretty much most of the models on Phoenix regularly, and I'm glad I didn't just stick to the G5, as I think I was more ready for the difference in response, than I otherwise would've been.

I usually set my sim-helis up on the heavy (as in weight) side too, and I think that helped also - though I can't put my finger on why atm. Going to go in to the sim now and make the G5 less responsive, ie a stiffer head, and try to get it to mimick mine as close as poss.

Can't wait till the wind drops so I can fly more! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
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