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Originally Posted by phoenixheli View Post


You have some parts that you just hoard like a pack rat.
You get paid nothing.
You didnt pay any fees or shipping.
You have junk everywhere and your work bench is messy.
You still wish you had that motor you always wanted.
The wife is under your skin.
You don't help your fellow pilot out.

The lesson:

Better to have lost a tiny part of the whole than to have nothing at all.
Shamefully.....I must admit I"m an "alternative".
I know as soon as I throw it away or sell it....I"ll need it.

Originally Posted by shaggybirdman View Post
or you set a price on the item, and make payment. then the seller whines that ya make payment too fast and he has to pay the fee of $3, and would have preferred me to pay as a gift.
A seller that complains payment was too fast!?!? Who, where, what, WHY??

That seller would be a good one to NOT buy from.
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