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Default Gyro Delay 101

I haven't seen any threads or any good info on how to set up the delay on a gyro. I see a basic explanation but nothing I can use in terms of the here goes!

What is delay for? It is used to coordinate a gyro's output with a servo. Sometimes when a servo is slow there is a time delay between what the gyro wants to happen and what the servo ends up doing. This results in poor piro stop quality....which means a mushy stop or a bounce back.

When delay is set up well the piro stop is crisp and prompt with no bounce back.

Before getting into gain and delay please note that for tail performance you need to make sure that the headspeed is sufficient for the heli. This gives the tail enough power to perform its job. Also make sure that there is sufficient pitch at the tail. About 45 degrees CW and 35 degrees CCW is sufficient. Take care of slop and binding as well....the tail should move very smoothly and easily.

How I set up delay:

1) Go through the mechanical setup of the gyro and servo as per instructions.

2) If instructions call for a rate mode setup do this first.

3) Now you should be ready to adjust gain and delay.

4) Increase the delay to Maximum. This allows us to deal with just the gain part of things first. The tail will feel mushy if you try to fly around like this. That is ok for now as we are doing gain first.

5) Now hover the heli and increase the gain until you see wag. Then back it down a few points. I like to do some mild climbs to see how much the tail 'gives'. The tail should hold its vertical line and not move out noticeably. You should also not experience any wag....lower the gain if you do.

6) Now perform left and right piros and see how it stops. Decrease the amount of delay step by step and take note of how the tail stops in a piro in both directions. What you should notice is that as the delay is decreased the piro stops will become more and more crisp. Then as delay is further decreased you will see more and more bounce. This is where you want to back off the delay.... do not overshoot the delay or then you will see bounce.

This should get you a nicely holding tail and great quality of piro stops.

I hope this was helpful and please let me know if something is not clear or doesn't work for you!
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