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Originally Posted by dk31 View Post
airjawed, thanks for sharing this.
i ve been searching for delay setting and only found fragments of info - nothing complete like this. In the end I gave up, thinking that everybody use digital servos (I dont have one) and they don't bother with delay
A question: At step 6, do you have to do a full piro (360deg) or 90 degrees would be sufficient? It's my first set up and i m not up for a full piro yet
I do full piros as then the spin goes from full speed to a stop that way. If you can not manage a full piro then do as much as you can. If you aren't managing full speed piros then you probably wouldn't have really noticed much of a bounce anyway. So adjust things based on how you use the heli. Your need for a lot of gain may also not be so crucial either.

The more you demand out of the tail the more you need to tune the gain and delay.... so don't worry too much and don't do something that you would lose control or orientation with.

If you are seeing a bounce and you aren't pushing too hard (like with only a 90 degree turn) then you may need to look into some other setup issues. In my first post I mention headspeed, slop and binding. A too low of a headspeed will mean the tail is not moving with enough authority and that can look like a bounce or poor tail hold.... check up on your specific heli for what range of headspeed is needed. You can use a tach or go by the gearing calculations....tach is best.

Also make sure the linkage and slider is moving smooth as silk.
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