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Originally Posted by boydd View Post
1) Gain can be set up in Rate or HH. Gain/delay may not be the same for each.
2) After mecanical set up in Rate mode, then do gain/delay in Rate.
3) Moving from mechanical Rate setup to HH, then do gain/delay in HH.
4) Considering the above, one must choose a Rate or HH setup and reconfigure when going from one to the other.

Which of the above statements or combination of is correct?

David Boyd
I would do a flight adjustment for gain/delay in the gyro mode in which you fly. If you fly rate then do the gain/delay in that mode....If you fly HH then do the gain/delay part in this mode.

The delay setting should not be different between the two modes. The gain setting does differ and typically is lower in HH mode.

Also the gain values do decrease as the headspeed increases. This means again that you need to set gain for each of the headspeeds you use. The delay would also in theory need to be set based on the headspeed but gyros do not have the ability to set or change the delay from the radio during flight. I would set delay based on the highest headspeed you fly on the most.

So to a rate mode mechanical setup, hover adjust if needed or wanted, then do the gain/delay in the mode and headspeed you fly most often. Adjust just the gain for the different headspeeds you use(your radio should accomodate different gains for different headspeeds).
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