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The LEDs on the 2100T were a nice feature, although I never found the delay (at least that's what Rotate Rate was alleged to be!) to be very effective.

I must confess I never tried max delay. 50% was as high as I tried on either heli and the wagging was pretty bad using a gain that I knew worked find with the right delay. Also just doing sharp 90 deg turns left and right the tail was really "soft" and lazy on the stops, so I decided to simply start from 0% and work up in 10% increments. I already suspected that too much delay was as bad as too little from the attempts I made to adjust it without using the SERVO menu on the tx.

Using 50% delay as you suggest would already be well past the optimum setting (at least based on the 15% and 20% figures I ended up at). For the GP780 (perhaps unlike any/all other gyros) it's not a case of more is better where delay is concerned. There is very much a sweet spot, either side of which the dreaded wag/twitch starts making gain setting impossible. I suggest that the procedure be to set the gain at about 30-35% which should be low enough not to cause wag, find the ideal delay by going up in steps of 10% (and then 5% once close), and then wind the gain up again as appropriate.

Of course the above is complicated by the fact that the GP780 is also apparently rather prone to vibration induced issues, so gyro mounting also needs careful attention. For this I high recommend the Align PU gel.

I have a suspicion that the
Brand new intelligent control logic providing dynamic gain adjustment by detecting current flying conditions, allowing for consistent pirouetting rates during chaos or other demanding 3D maneuvers.
relies on the delay being right or it gets it's knickers in a twist. A number have folks have commented recently that the GP780 can have a bit of a wag/twitch on initial takeoff that is cured by simply performing a few turns. There's stuff going on in this gyro that's more complex than normal I think.

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