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Steve Evans
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I think that amounted to a delay in effect; let's just say that the 2100T manual requires a certain amount of interpretation!

I just tried the 450 with full delay, and yes it flies, but that tail was very wandery so I'd not like to try to set the gain like that.

On a slightly different note, I then took the 500 out for a couple of packs; whereas it had been spot on with 20% delay when I was settting it up in the garden this morning, the tail now seemed distinctly waggy. I tried adjusting the delay up and down, but no improvement. Got home, looked over the heli, and then realised that whilst the gain was 38% in normal mode (as used for setup earlier in the day), in idle up it was 45% from another little bit of experimentation. As above mid-stick I have normal and idle-up set the same, I'm sure all will be well at 38% gain and 20%R delay. I shall just have to wait until another day to confirm that. Doh!

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