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Originally Posted by stevec View Post
A chap at work was literally throwing out a 5b clone I think it is a king motor one. I took it off his hands for free, so I won't say anything about clones v real as I know nothing other than the clone, but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

I like the stand you have ^^^^^^ looks really useful, mine is so muddy it isn't allowed on the table in the garden let alone in the house !!

happy gassin

The only thing that is not good about getting a clone is the fact that all the parts made for the Hpi kinda dont work on the clone Baja versions out there, you literally have to take the new part and modify it to work on the clone parts why... Because they are copies and arent made exactly like the Hpi parts therefore when getting upgrade or hop ups for the Baja to fit the clone a lot of guys run into issues.. Either way at least you have a gasser to play around with they are tons of fun and I love the long run times.

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