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Originally Posted by Steve Evans View Post
This is beginning to get frustrating!

Dropped the gain to 38% and it was better, but no longer rock solid as it had been. Had to drop to 35% to fix that. I seem to be spending a stupid number of battery packs messing around with the gyro rather than just flying.

On a number of occasions now I've had the tail hold improve considerably after some setup change. Moving from the boom block to the bottom tray made a huge difference. PU gel (and Spartan DS760 plate) improved things more. That made things stable enough that playing around with delay was meaningful. After all that the tail was seemingly perfect. Yet, unfortunately, there's some other variable at work here as I put away what I think is a perfectly setup heli, and then find it's wagging again intermittently on the next flight. Gain or delay need a tweak, and so the first battery gets wasted as I try to sort it out. Could it be gyro temperature, or perhaps the tail servo (DS520), which does come down warm, changes it's response speed? Could it be that it's not my fine tuning that does any good, but just the gyro warming up?

For all the moaning folks made about the LGT2100T gyro setup, I found that better than the GP780 to be honest in terms of repeatable performance.

What is PU Gel? I'm not sure I understand why you didn't just use the spartan mounting kit completely? You mount the metal plate with a thin pad onto the gyro. And then you mount the gyro/plate to the heli using the thick pad.

When the gyro is lightweight vibrations will really transmit into the gyro and confuse it...usually making it drift.

Of course get rid of vibrations.

Are your battery packs very different to each other? You may be getting different headspeeds and therefore need different gains.
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