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Exclamation HC500 SE BNF + Spares - Need Quick Sale! :(

Well, my financial situation hasn't improved over the past few weeks so I'm stuck selling another one of my babies, this time my flag ship and favorite bird. After this one I'm down to ONE bird.

For sale is my last HC500 SE, this one is ready to fly once you add your own RX. One of the cyclic servos needs a gear set. This model is my most newest built HC500 (have had four at one time love them!), only has 30 flights on it in total, only 1 minor crash (tipped over in a landing only broke the blades). Has been rebuilt and setup, ready to go. Get's +/- 13 collective and 8 cyclic in current setup. Fully programmable head which is a very slick touch for getting it exactly the way you want it.

Because she's my last HC500 bird, everything I have for this bird goes with it, all parts, spares and accessories. That includes batteries, parts, etc. Do note I'm tossing in my "flying" Fusuno canopy, this canopy has been on all my HDX 500 birds so seen crashes and been stepped on more, it's rough but looks great in the air! Canopy on the bird is my "shelf" canopy.

Looking for a quick sale - Asking $400 OBO - Shipping included, I cover Paypal fees.

Model Specs:

- HDX HC500 SE Kit w/ KBDD Tail Blades + Paddles + Fusuno FG Canopy
- HDX 850Kv Motor + Hobbywing 60A Pentium ESC
- Logictech 2100T + BlueBird BMS-631MG Tail
- Hitec HS-82MG Cyclic
- 6S1P 3000Mah 20C Pack (Less than 10 cycles)

Spares Included:
- 4x Main Shafts
- 2x Oneway Bearing Sleeves
- 2x 140T Main Gears
- 1x 74T Main Gear
- 1x 54T Tail Drive Gear
- 1x 56T Tail Drive Gear
- 3x Spindle Shafts Sets
- 2x Spindle Spacers Sets
- 1x Dampener Set
- 4x Trex Flybar Paddles
- 1x Carbon SubZero Arm Set
- 1x CNC Washout Block
- 4x Tail Shafts
- 1x Tail Belt
- 1x Tail Box Bearing Set
- 1x CNC Servo Boom Mount Set
- 1x Tail Push Rod Guide Set
- 1x Tail Blade Set
- 1x Original HDX SAH/SAS Head Rotor
- 1x Fusuno FG Canopy
- 1x Landing Gear Set
- 4x Servo Horn Sets
- 3x Servo Top Cases
- 2x Spare HS-82MG Servos
- Multiple Gears for HS-82MG Servos
- Multiple Linkage rods + Ball Links + Balls
- Verity of pinion gears in varied tooth counts.
- 2x 3S1P Packs used in series, tired but do the job for some basic flight.

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