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Originally Posted by JustPlaneChris View Post
Definitely lower the setting. Also, If you have a slight wag on the Hyperion you need to read this thread for a fix and then this post for an in-depth reason why the fix worked. Fascinating stuff!
I wish I had found this information a long time ago but alas I guess the threads are weeks old. Have you and Northern James spoken about this on your podcast? (I am a little behind as I an in the middle of a good audiobook.) It was on your recommendation that I bought Hyperion servos after all

edit: I just realized that macr0t0r was responding to what you said in the podcast. I need to catch up My book is in a real heavy chapter so maybe some IH while mowing the lawn today would be good.
Also it is not your job to be making this known, why is Hyperion so quiet in the community? This is certainly a big shortcoming of the company and they could be doing so much better as they make some damned good batteries and servos. Oh I guess without even trying this my confidence is restored eh?

edit2: That thread is by Northern James! Oops! Good work Northern James!
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