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Thanks Airjawed.

I started to experiment on the delay pot of my 450 (Flasher Pro, DS480, KDS800) and have it around 9 o'clock now. On my FP (Esky HBFP, HK401B, Ino-Lab 202HB) I set the delay to around 12 o'clock. I am so far happy with the settings. The tails stop with little or no bounceback. But I am a newbie so what is good enough for me may not be for others.

What is most important and am thankful for is that I now have a pretty good idea of what the delay pot should do in real life.

On stop characteristic, the FM has a setting like HH Angle Range which should be the same. But I took mine out from the King II due to a wagging issue and installed a Turnigy302 (with a rather twitchy Henge MD922) which I understand is Telebee-type. Apart from DS and REV, the only adjustable pots are ATV and Gain so it should be simpler for this newbie.

While on the telebee-type subject, how would one adjust the delay for these types? Or otherwise find the happy medium between mushy stops and bouncy stops?
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