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Originally Posted by airjawed View Post

Being in the 100% spot is good for ATV/limits in most gyros.

The above is just for understanding....I wouldn't really mess with things outside of the range of normal settings.
I did not know this before, or maybe I have read it in passing somewhere but did not understand it. Now, I tried doing it what I think you are saying. I believe you are right.

On my King2 (Turnigy 320, now Ino-Lab 220HB*), I maxed the ATV and used the hole in the horn nearest to center. Servo moves almost full-range of motion without binding. I figured this should be alright as the servo claims to be hi-torque. I used the hole in the tail control lever (it has two holes) farther from the pivot point. Control, including stops, is MUCH better. And the piro rate is faster, I had to set travel adjust to 85 just so I can follow the nose. But it stops when I let go of the stick. Thanks.

*Henceforth, I will stay away from the Henge MD922 or the D922 from HK which looks exactly like it. Not content with occasional twitch, it now dances like the oracle in Spartan300. I tried it on the Turnigy servo tester to isolate the problem and true enough it is now officially epileptic (no offense). It even turns the three blue lights on the tester into running lights.
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