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I might be new to the Heli world, but I am (in real life) a road vehicle approval officer for the UK Governement.

The main problem with Chinese copies of anything is a fundemental lack of care regarding material properties. While I am sure that dimensionally the parts will be reasonably accurate, the actual materials will not be to the same standard as KDE's.

As a case in point, I was involved in the testing of some motorcycles from China - the front brake disc mounting set screws were of such poor steel that the disc was VERY loose after only around 1000 miles use. This was due to the fixings stretching under load. Tensile testing revealed that they were of truly appalling quality!

Everyone want's something for nothing, which is what the rip off merchants play on. I will be paying the full amount, thanks very much! I'm sure that KDE are very aware of the liability consequences of supplying poor quality parts. Who are you going to bring an action against when your cheap Ebay components let go and sends your heli into the face of an onlooker? The Wengzhou factory isn't going to give a toss!
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