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Originally Posted by Jay07 View Post
You are correct MrMel. I could not get the timing right for it to bind correctly. One would light and the sat would not bind. Sometimes you get lucky and they both bind correctly.

Now with the GOV is another timing issue. Using the problems. Using ATG or Throttle Jockey it would not go into setup mode correctly and had the same timming issues. Then if you Finally get the gov to take into setup mode, the throttle servo will be twitching like it was gettting distortion at mid stick with the TG and twtiching at low stick throttle on the ATG.

Vbar is correcting this in their V5 as they know it is an issue. So in short, it is better to NOT use the sat mode and run things through the RX to avoid the headaches for now in my case. Just did not trust that it bind correctly or if it was going to do anything funky with my govs while in the air. RX and Vbar works great for now.

Just from my experience......
Originally Posted by MrMel View Post
Gov issues with vbar will be corrected, its actually the govs who have quite bad programming and cant handle signaks overlapping.
MrMel and Jay,

Just so that I'm completely clear about what's being said...

I was planning on running a Sat-Ready V-Bar along with an Align governor on my new 700N build.

Is it worth it for me to even attempt to make this setup work or should I just forget it and run an AR7000 while we wait for the V5.0 update?

Thanks for the help!
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