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I find myself spending most of my time in the Mikado section and always need that one small part that's out of stock or just not worth the time to order. HF what do you think about a Mikado swap sub-folder? I'm not saying where special, but with just a small number of disturbers it may help to move some of the extra parts between honest posters. Just to be clear this would be all voluntary gifts or swapping of components, not for sale items. I have tons of parts that I really don't want to sell, but would love to sent to a good home. The post for trading in the classifieds just get lost so fast that if your not on there everyday you can easily miss something that just gets thrown in a toolbox.

It was just a thought, so feel free to rip this idea apart if you see holes where it won't work.

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OMG!!! It's plastic. What was I thinking! :-)

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