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Default Love the net....

Man I love the net... this type of information sharing makes it worthwhile to put up with all the other internet crap.

Have been trying to learn to fly my new Blade 400 3D (yet to be powered up).
I was having a hell of a time learning to hover on the sim with it and was getting rather discouraged.

Then I discovered Dual rates and Expo. Theory was good but it just didn't seem to make any difference on the Sim.

Then I found this thread and BEHOLD!!! I can hover the Blade 400, the Trexs, the Beam E4...

Now maybe I can build enough confidence on the sim and bring it all outside.

Thanks guys, thanks specifically to Bum


Additional comment...
Having found this thread... specifically the very first entry by "TheBum"...
With the correct set-up on the Sim. I set the following on my DX6i: dual rates, Expo, Throttle & Pitch curves for normal & stunt mode.

So in a nutshell, you tune the sim to the physical heli and adjust the transmitter as you would for that heli.

Everything works.

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