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Originally Posted by nighthawkron View Post
Wow thats not good to hear !
yeah i looked in the radio thread for it, seems to be about 3 or 4 driffrent people posted this same issue, not the complete going out but that when they cut on the power switch the screen did not come on at all, like the radio did nothing, they cut it off and waited then back on and it came on, seems few had this happen, someone posted maybe its a "Soft switch"

I love Hitec I really do thats all I flew for many many years and i still fly my Prizam 7, on 72, i have the module where can set it on any channel I want, when get extra money going get a 2.4 module for it from skydream. I want all my planes to be on 2.4.

But issues with new radios scare me, i do not want to be w/o radio for month for a fix. most the time hitec service has always been great I have sent in RX's for fixs and got back in days but i can understand with a radio it take longer.
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