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I think some have misunderstood the original poster, when he stated paying $103...

The difference is simple, no matter how you pay, you pay $103, it's not $100 for MO, and $103 for paypal.

I think people are generally confused about this.

The simplest way I can put it, if, as a seller, you don't want to eat the paypal charge, you ask for a little extra. BUT, you have to charge that little extra for ANY type of payment. You cannot, as a seller, "penalize" those who decide to pay with paypal by ADDING 3%, while at the same time, NOT charge someone who decides to send you a check, or MO through the mail.

Last time I looked through the FS forum, there is a good 50% of the folks who state, in their post to add 3%, OR send as a gift. it's silly, really. $25-$30 for every $1,000... Instead of asking for a fee, why not just ask the buyer to pay for shipping. I think most people here would pay for shipping before they would pay a 3% "penalty" for using paypal.

hehe. I PM'd one of the mods here about the paypal fee request getting out of hand. It sounded as if, as a whole, they liked the idea of not allowing people to ask for fees, but stated the problem is enforcement.

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