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Originally Posted by Breezyjr View Post
I think some have misunderstood the original poster, when he stated paying $103...

The difference is simple, no matter how you pay, you pay $103, it's not $100 for MO, and $103 for paypal.

I think people are generally confused about this.

The simplest way I can put it, if, as a seller, you don't want to eat the paypal charge, you ask for a little extra. BUT, you have to charge that little extra for ANY type of payment. You cannot, as a seller, "penalize" those who decide to pay with paypal by ADDING 3%, while at the same time, NOT charge someone who decides to send you a check, or MO through the mail.

Last time I looked through the FS forum, there is a good 50% of the folks who state, in their post to add 3%, OR send as a gift. it's silly, really. $25-$30 for every $1,000... Instead of asking for a fee, why not just ask the buyer to pay for shipping. I think most people here would pay for shipping before they would pay a 3% "penalty" for using paypal.

hehe. I PM'd one of the mods here about the paypal fee request getting out of hand. It sounded as if, as a whole, they liked the idea of not allowing people to ask for fees, but stated the problem is enforcement.


That thought has also crossed my mind. I would hazard a guess that MOST, if not all, of the staff are against 'penalizing' buyers and making them pay the fee. But, how would you enforce that? Award points?? Hmm.....penalize someone for penalizing someone.

I think maybe quoting paypals user agreement that sellers may not charge buyers any fees for the service of transferring money in their FS thread would be a reasonable solution.

Would it ruffle some feathers? You betcha.......
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