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i would say, dont use paypal at all, they are a complete mess, and do not sort under any financial laws at all and can do as they please, they owed me about $2000 for 4 months without NO reason, before i got it back it NO legitime explanation of why the withdrown it from me.
-and if they only withdrown it from me, it would be, not ok but still ok, but they took the money from the people i have been dealing with!!
-so if you got money from a person and they for what ever reason deside to reverse that payment, YOU are stucked with a negative balance on your account for money you can have got to your account LONG time ago.
im no longer Paypal verfied, im Paypal TERRIFIED!
i have learned that a majority of the ppl. acting on PP is American and i have learned that you have a very antique bank system compared to Europe, but i hope you get it like us ASAP, i can transfer money to a seller from my bank, and the recipient will have inte in 1 sek. free of charge.
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