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Hi Capi, I love the tech write up and as an elec tech myself I managed to understand it!
Maybe you can help with what I don't understand...
I have a Belt CP V2 and on the radio there's a switch that controls the gyro, everyone says this should be up. I can't seem to understand what each position of the switch actually does. I have been doing all my learning with the switch up. (I am a beginner with only 12 hours airtime)
But there has always been a bit of drift in yaw that no amount of adjusting servo position will cure.
Recently I tried flying with that switch down. I'm not sure what the names of the positions are but am guessing down is head hold?
Anyhow there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference either way, except when I tried it switched down I had to re-trim the servo position to get the yaw to stay still in hover.
Now I'm only guessing, but with the switch up, the gyro compensates for rotor torque and with it down it doesn't.

Hope you can explain. Along with reasons if possible.
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