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Originally Posted by airjawed View Post
What gyro? Most gyros will use the radio to set it if the gain lead is plugged in. If the gain lead is not plugged in then the gyro itself may have a dial which is used.

It sounds like your gain is too high. This thread is mostly for delay related issues. There are many gain threads out there. Take a look at the finless bob videos on setup. The gyro 401 setup video should be plenty for you.
I have watched all the videos i know of Finless explains how to set it up but nothing about gain or delay, its a HK401B ( Futaba 401 clone)

just wanted to know what you meant by the very first post you said turn the delay all way up. but where should the gain in the radio be? yes it had a remote wire you use gear or gyro sens menu to set the gain
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