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Originally Posted by airjawed View Post
In your case I would set the delay to about half of max. Then you slowly increase the gain until you see the tail not give when you do a straight collective punch. Of course you would also not want to see any wag. This is the gain part of the adjustment. You aren't testing the pyro's or stop quality.

The next step is to adjust the delay. The way a piro comes to a stop is the easiest way to adjust delay. So now you would do a piro and see how it stops. Too much delay and the stops are mushy. Too little and the stops are overdone and that is a bounce back. Something that I used back when I had the 401 was to take the difference in speed between the 9254 and your servo. Dial in this into the delay knob.

Otherwise slowly bring the delay closer to zero and keep testing the way the piro stops. The stops should become more and more crisp without any bounce back.

Hope this helps.
Thanks I will give it a try tommorrow. my servo is .08 sec/60 @ 4.8V it says the 9254 is Speed: 0.06 sec/60 degrees @ 4.8V
So leave the gain at 72% to start or should it be lower you think?
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