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Here's what i've got for trade.... or sale i suppose.

Head parts:

I've got a complete L500 flybar head (minus grips and dampers)
3 flybars (not including the one already assembled into the head
New in package ball raced washout
New in package 2 sets of "double ring" links
Some new angled links
New in Package head block
New in Package headblock pins
Helidirect mainshafts (new in package 2pcs)

Tail Parts:
New in package L500 boom
New in package L500 belt
Used L500 boom (nothing wrong with it)
Used L500 tail case (complete - nothing wrong with it)
Helidirect L500 tail shafts (new in package 2pcs)

Also, 16t Mod 0.7 5mm pinion - SOLD

and much more but i can't remember off the top of my head... i will update this post when i have more info.

Will trade for:

L600 parts (Tail and Head)
L500SE Belt
L500SE Boom supports - Not the boom itself though.
Any 600SE tail parts
V-Bar head parts
Lo-Pro skids (white preferably)
...and maybe anything else you have to offer..
Logo 600sx, 8717s, 8900g, VBar, Pyro 700-45, Jive
T-Rex 450 SE V2 HS-65 MG's, Quark/9257
T-Rex 450L Dominator - All stock except mini VBar
Blade Nano CP-S

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