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Waiting patiently I suppose and having fun learning our new radio. This is the only radio that man actually is fun to play with. Coming from a dx6i I am so happy. I have yet to maiden any helis yet, though the programming is very easy I would like to hear Bob comment on video in case I missed something.

One warning.

I remapped the channels because I heard having all 3 cyclic servos next to each other was benificial. While going thru my swash setup, I remembered that in the Swash type selection screen there was an arrow pointing to front. My servos were opposite from picture with elevator up front. I thought I could tap on this to change it but could not.

Exiting out, all of a sudden my heli starts to spool up, throttle hold was activated. I quickly unplugged and I had no blades in so it was cool, but being a new system I was worried about what had just happened. Turns out that when you reselect the swash type, the channel mapping reverts to it's default. Might be obvious but something to watch for.

Wound up reversing pitch servo and reversing the swah percentage on elevator to get the Protos swag moving correctly. Hope that's the right way. We will soon know.
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