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Yep... based on playing with it I found you set the swash type first and then change the channel assignments. Also just because the display shows elevator servo in front it really doesn't matter as long as you have the elevator servo in the elevator channel you assigned! Then it just getting servo reversing and swash numbers +/- set right to get the swash moving right. This is no different than say a JR radio where it only shows elevator in the back.

I never really cared when radios allow a swash config showing where the elevator servo is. Reason is it assumes your using the same manufacturers servos! Some servo makers the servo can move opposite to other servo brands. For instance if you used AT servos the reversing of the channel maybe different than using hitech servos as an example. So in the end just make sure the servos are plugged in the proper channel and reverse them or the swash direction as needed.

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