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Originally Posted by MrMel View Post
Binding issues has always been able to be fixable, im v5 its easier, plus binding at min/max pitch is less on the bench (never happen in flight even in v4)
Hi MrMel. Your quick in answering I won't argue with you because you know all about it. But I must say I do not fully agree. A few pilots at the field I have spoken ran into the same issue. With binding, I mean binding with servo arms hitting the frame or servo case. Most of them therefore use longer servo arms or set the cyclic ring so low that the flight charactiristics are not that good anymore. Like you fly with a totally wrong cheometry. So, I agree you can fix it, but it messes up your cheometry or control loop. Am I wrong? Or are there other options?

You can calculate your cheometry to find the best match. But it would be nice if you could program your own cheometry into the VBar.

Another thing I'm strugling with is the cheometric correction. As you know, when you have it enabled on a non-Logo heli you can get asymetrical collective and cyclic pitch. You can fix that by changing your endpoints and such. When you disable it you get binding even quicker because the then the pitch is way to high. Any suggestions?

When I see a Logo flying with a VBar it flies awesome. But other models with a VBar just don't seem to fly that way. That is my personal opinion though. Hope you can share your thoughts about it.
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