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I have been in WINDOWS HELL this week...

As some of you noticed or maybe not, I have not been around much the last 3 days. Been freakin rebuilding my PC again due to a Windows update issue and freakin MS licensing. They wanted me to PAY for another version of Windows 7 because I have reinstalled over 10 times in the last 6 months... BS... Finally got through that but had to do a full reinstall again... Been a total pain.

My windows install got hosed because of me and my desire to HACK stuff and tweak to my liking. Something I did would not allow windows updates to work and MAN... tried everything including letting a Windows guy from MS get on my PC which I NEVER have had to do before. In the end a FULL install was required. The reason I had problems was because I had a Win7 upgrade CD not a retail and after scraping my disk of all versions of windows it would not work. Had to deal with MS for HOURS to convince them I was upgrading still... BS....

Its been HELL and once again I am super behind on videos because of it

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