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Yep, time for a mac running VmWare. Use OSX for everyday use and glorious video production, and VmWare running as many different versions of Windows as you need.

But back to the Aurora. Sorry for keep going on and on but today was my first real 9 batt flying session with the new system. Wow! The Aurora 9/Optima has its own feel.

I run two identical Protos with one a 760/YGE/Scorpion, other Quark/Previous MSH Stock power/

First off I think there are some interesting things regarding latency and what not that I would like to ad my opinion too.

There is no doubt in my fingers that the Aurora/Optima combo is the most SOLID connection I have ever felt with a model. Difficult to quantify, I just felt locked to the heli in the air as I have not felt before. All my inputs were transferring just so cleanly. Difficult to describe the feeling, but 9 packs later I am just so thrilled. Perhaps its a combination of many things coming from my DX6i, gimbals, software, optima receivers. Whatever it is, I had read in the forums this "solid locked in feel" users were experiencing before, but now I get it!

On the bench is one thing, but when you are actually out at the hot flying field sitting in your lawn chair, an average day, sweating, smoking, repairing, tweaking, and talking trash with your flying buddies, I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the usability of this radio. The big buttons, huge ass backlit screen, and how the menus are laid out, allow me to do things so quickly and effortlessly. Switching this and changing that is a breeze. Using the radio in just this short period of time it is now very familiar. This thing is so completely easy to use. Finless might not have much to talk about honestly, unlike something like a DX7.

Now for that Latency thing. I think it's there. Again, not sure I could put my finger on exactly what I was feeling, but for all the hoopla about the "latency" of the radio, yes I think I could feel not a "slower" response, but lets call it say a "different" response than other radios. If thats the one measurable thing that can be felt, and people call it latency, then yes I could feel that.

Now IMO if that "different" response is the trade off for the locked in feeling I was getting, then folks, I could not be happier. I wound up dropping my Expo on cyclic to 10, from 15 on my DX6i, and raising a tad my pitch to less that 14 on collective and just over 9 on cyclic.

So today I realized that all those people who are worried about latency on this radio simply should not be! It feels wonderful to use at the field and it has a unique oneness with the model.

And for those who are still concerned about having the fastest latency radio available, not sure what to tell ya. Too many of ya can't fly worth a snot yet anyway, or have so much expo you can't feel the speed regardless. How much expo do you need to fly your models it the real determinant factor right? I think there is a correlation somewhere there. One of my flying buddies uses 30 expo on his Protos and me 10. I just think different radios speak different languages to the model, and one should not worry about any latency issues on the Aurora 9

Thanks for time.
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