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Originally Posted by pinguin View Post
If I max out the ATV on the gyro, the tail will bind. Can I use Dual Rate to limit the travel? Would that be different than ATV?

I use Turnigy gyro that has no delay. I try MKS DS470, D922, TP MG90s and Esky servo, but my tail bounces at piro stop. Any suggestion what should I do?
Remember that every gyro has its own instructions. Follow that first.

If you have a simple gyro(no delay, no limit setting) then you can try to use a hole on the servo arm that is closer to center. This effectively can make the servo throw the same as the limits so that you do not have binding. It also can help with bounce.

ATV's/Endpoints etc is never the way to set the limits when you have a gyro. It is for setting how fast the maximum piro rate is going to be.

Do the above UNLESS your gyro instructions say otherwise.
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