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hi guys.. excellent report there redbird . I also have an imax B6.. but I do have a good quality multi-meter-- so I am thinking i can meaure some shit !!

I just tossed a 3S 300mah 35C pack which was working fine-- it just puffed up very badly a few months back.. I had been charging it carefully, and using it only for testing and bench work.. and it worked fine.. even carried a full charge etc.. just was sooo tight I thought it might burst..
It also never got hot at any time.. maybe got discharged too low one day maybe.

so I decided to give it one more chance-- rather than risk a sudden fire in my car/house !!!

I put it in the freezer for a day.. just ot see if it deflated at all.. i also discharged it to storage level before I did this .. guess what -- it looked exactly the same after the freezer.
so , I clipped off the fittings and chucked it into the garbage bin.

it is about -2 degrees average here in Orange overnight and max of 10 degress daily -- so I don't think much danger til lthe big munchers at the dump get hold of it !!
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