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Red face phoenix with skpe

After wanting to get into RC heli;s for many years i finally decided i would take the steps to getting into it. First step was buying a cheap novus fp and a walkera hm ufly. At first i was to scared to even attempt hovering them. So i decided to do a little more research and found that most heli pilots where saying to invest in a good sim and they recommended phoenix. 3 months ago i purchased the sim and found a guy from a different site offering online lessons with phoenix and skype so i took him up on the offer. First lessons was setup up and some excercises. Learnt how to hover and do tail in and out!! Slow pirouettes and some basic flying. Today was lesson 3 for me and seeing as my mentor is not a 3d guy and a scale flyer he asked me to sow him if i had mastered the lessons that he taught me 2 week ago. I had not only learnt them i had mastered them. I have been dabbling in some 3d flying as well. Inverted hovering,loops, rolls, and some other basic 3d. I have tried over and over to learn some of phoenixs more advanced maneuvers but i am finding it quite hard to learn seeing as they dont really break the trick down into parts to learn, so i can progress into them. I will join this group in hopes of finding a new mentor that possibly could help me out with advancing my flying skills! thxs H-I
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