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Default True 3D


Nice post and Iam sure there is some way to advance your skills, and i di have every asperation, to sit down and do some flying tutorials as i belive i can bust a move or two, i have now decided to stop flying planes so much and focus on my Helicopter flying skills, as i would like to compete at some point. i have just finished building a new 50 and have every intention to use that bird to take my flying skills to the next level.

As a profeestional instructor for a well known organisation i think you have hit on quite an intersting idea. the question is can i teach you anything new or vise versa. perhaps i should get that callender installed on my on forum so that flying shedule could be created.

But before that lets define 3D. the way i see it is there are some main dicaplines, and please i would as much as anbody like some clarification on them.

1. Scale
2. Sport / Aerobatic
3. F3C ?
4. 3D

I read all the mags and freaquent all the sites but still dont totally now what is classed as a 3D move and what is not.

well lets see what happens
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