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Originally Posted by Angelos View Post
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I am inclined to move away from the -Link naming for this product. The "Control Panel" is more appealing...
Could it be that given the drive for a suitable name, the likes of names like "DS760" are well and truely behind us, and "Quark" could be the start of a theme? Of course this would imply that there might be forthcoming products which would also gain a sub-atomic inspired name; we're all eagerly hoping that may be the case.

So, in keeping with that theme...
  • Small, so Hadron, Meson and Baryon is probably out, besides which they all sound crap.
  • Quark has already been done, although "Charm" has a certain appeal.
  • The Quark's twin, the Lepton, would be perhaps upset Hirobo!
  • Given the enlightening nature of the LCD panel, "Photon" could be good, and anything to do with dark matter would be inappropriate.
  • Gluons sound messy, and Bosons, especially Spartan ones, would sound a bit like a mis-spelt lingerie range.
  • Honouring the "Quark" heritage might suggest "Zweig", as in "George".

I'm beginning to wonder which south Oxfordshire pub was being attended when somebody chose "Quark"!!!! Was it something to do with spin?

I'll suggest "Photon" then!

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