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Yah you would think Bob. But Iíve burned up a Optima 7 and a Optima 6 trying to power the SPC port from just one pack in my 2 Ė 4S packs that are wired in series. I would plug the SPC port into the balance tab in the 4S pack. Then I would power up the ESC to the 8S combined pack. With my 8S logo 400 it worked fine for a couple of hover tests. Then on the bench I powered up the SPC port off one of the 4S packs and as soon as I plugged the ESC in the RX fried.
The RXís have been sent to Hitec and hopefully I will find something out. Iíve been in contact with a couple of other RCGroup users that have come across the same thing.

So far in my 4S pro and the SPC port wired to the POS NEG in the ESC it has worked great. I donít dare try it on my 8S logo. And before this I was flying my Knight 600E 8S with the SPC port wired to the ESC, so the RX processor was getting 33.6 volts. It worked great for a month. But I had the RX die in flight. Total loss. That RX was also sent back to Hitec and never heard from Mike as to what happened to it.

Iím hoping they come up with another way to monitor voltage or MAH usage. I think the system works great on small electronic birds, but not very well on larger electronics. Guys are having good luck with 6S setups powering the SPC from the esc. I might up the pinion size and run the logo 400 on 6S so I can monitor the voltage.
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