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In order to fly in rate mode, you tail needs to be mechanically trimmed for center.

To do this, take off, switch to rate, note the drift, land, shut down heli, and adjust the linkage or move your tail servo on the boom.

Repeat until you have no drift in rate mode. Now since you didn't adjust the trim on your Tx, you should have it trimmed the same in rate and heading hold modes. Once trimmed correctly, your tail servo arm will still be at 90 degrees, but your tail slider will be off to one side slightly while your tail blades have about 8 degrees of pitch to counter act the torque generated by the motor.

And yes, rate will allow the tail to 'follow' the heli around more when flying fast. The heli will also weather vain into the wind during a hover, which you have to be mindful of when you are setting the trim.

The old school of thought was to trim the gyro in rate mode to get the best performance. Often beginners first learning FF would fly in rate mode. Now days, I see more and more people skipping rate mode all together, people have their tail setup so the slider is in the middle (not trimmed mechanically), and simply fly in HH mode all the time.
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