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I've been told to alwasy setup in rate mode...

As to thing you don't want to do is to be in the air and switch between rate and HH...less you are good enough to control the tail shift. Depending on setup it can be a slow drift or may push the tail quite quickly.

What I do is initialize in HH then switch when as I spool up. As I'm spooling up, I'll see the tail pushing one way or the other....I adjust trim to compensate till it's holding. I keep adjusting trim til I can hold a hover in rate mode. Then I land, spool down, power down then restart the bird in HH. Now HH and rate mode will be the same....I'll test here

Then if that's acceptable, I'll power down the adjust the tail, mechanically till I remove the trim. (I mark wher the pitch slider is then remove the trim and either adjust links or move the servo on the boom)

I found that sometimes I like rate and sometimes I like HH. I like rate when I'm just flying around, no tricks...but like HH if I'm doing flips, rolls etc.
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