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Lot of varying information here ... but my observations are:

1) You can either use a mechanical tail setup for rate mode, or just use sub-trim on the radio. I prefer sub-trim option.
2) Make sure to reset the travel limit on the gyro after.
3) The HH neutral (center stick) position will be set on power-up for the GY401, or you can toggle the gain between rate mode/HH 3 times in 1 second. If the gyro starts before the rx/tx connection, then very likely you have to toggle the gyro gain to reset neutral.
4) If you never fly rate mode, then you can leave the default tail pitch to 0 (I could not tell any difference when flying, maybe just me though)
5) In HH mode, never add trim after you set the neutral signal position. If the heli is yawing left or right in HH mode, that means there is some vibration throwing off the gyro. Check blade balance, shafts, etc ...
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