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Originally Posted by Intact View Post
I did not know this information on delay existed!! For the past week I have been messing with everything except for delay. I had not thought of it cause this isn't in the stickies or setup 101!

Every question involving tails and wags had already been asked, found them in search.. All the answers have to do with gain, mechanical setup, or curves and none helped.

I had tail wag only occuring on quick throttle down in hover and a bounce when stopping from hard piros. I had waaay too little delay.. Now i have my stock GP780 + DS420M working perfect. Thank you very much.

Can this please be stickied and added to the heli setup 101 for reference?
Great that it worked for you! I'll see if I can get it stickied and hopefully more people can get benefit from it that way.
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