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Originally Posted by BennyTRD View Post
Got some stuff left over from my 500 to 600SE conversion. The grips come with complete bearings that are smooth, and shafts are straight. 2 NIP 86mm spindles, 2 NIP CHP Landing gear braces, CHP horizontal and vertical fins, 500 boom case, 1 used set of 500 landing skids, and 1 NIP. Also not pictured are a couple of spare 500 belts that are in good shape for re-use.

Also I have 2 500 Canomod canopies that I no longer need. The Phantom has only been flown a few times and is in like new condition. The Cadmium was involved in a crash but is still very servicable. I had Canomod put my name on them, but that can easily be covered up by a new sticker or paint.

See anything you need, let me know. Might be interested in 600SE parts in they are in like new condition.
I know this is a swap thread, but I dont have anything you need...but you could use the money Im willing to pay for a canopy to buy some 600SE parts
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