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Just did some final testing... I changed my BEC voltage back to the recommended 5.5V... I found that the servo was buzzing when set to 5.0V and also when set to 6.0V, so 5.5V is where the servo really wants to be getting its voltage at.

Basically, I have everything set back to the way it was yesterday morning with a cronic wagging tail. Sure enough it was wagging just the same today. I then reprogrammed the gyro to set the Analog/Digital Servo setting to "AS" and my wag went away. I pumped up the gain to 70 and there was just the begining hints of wag... I lowered it to a gain setting of 69, and the tail is darn steady! It isn't as "locked in" as I would have hoped for, but I can hover her in front of me and the tail stays pretty darn still! All in all, I am pleased!

So, let's review what I did to try to fix my wagging tail:

1. Servo ball on tail servo arm set to 4.5mm (or even closer) from the center. I even made a hack to set it to 2mm from center.... still a wag

2. Completely new head, main shaft, main gear ... still a wag

3. Completely new Metal Tail Drive Gear Assembly... still a wag

4. Completely new Tail... still a wag

5. CF Boom... still a wag

6. Kevlar Belt... still a wag

7. 42mm Straight Cut Blades... still a wag

8. 40mm Batwing Blades... still a wag

9. 37mm Batwing Blades... still a wag

10. 35mm Straight Cut Blades (home made)... still a wag

11. 32mm Straight Cut Blades (home made)... still a wag

12. CF Carbon pushrod... still a wag

13. Metal Tail Rotor Control Arm... still a wag

14. New Metal Tail Rotor Shaft Assembly... still a wag

15. Remounted Gyro on two layers of foam tape... still a wag

16. Set the Delay to 100%... still a wag

17. New blades... still a wag

18. New Main Shaft... still a wag

20. New Main Gear... still a wag

21. New Motor (I started using the CopterX 250 Motor, then installed the Align Motor)... still a wag

22. New ESC (I started using the CopterX 250 ESC, then installed the Align ESC)... still a wag

23. Changed the ESC BEC voltage to 5.0... still a wag

24. Changed the ESC BEC voltage to 6.0... still a wag

25. Changed the GP780 Gyro Analog/Digital Servo Setting from "DS" to "AS" ... no wag

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