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I hope I'm in the right thread, question about aileron tic tocs. I can do it indefinately on my 450, but I struggle with my 250. What basic principles would I need for my 250 to perform aileron tic tocs with smaller arcs? High HS? How much maximum AUFW can she be? Is it the blades? This seems to be a common thing with all 250s in general. Why does she struggle. My 250 HS is 4500-4400, AUFW 383grams. Do i need a governor? Preety much my 250 is like the 250 model in RF, sloow no power, no climbouts, I just don't understand why!!

Now I am in the process of building a 250 with 5000+ HS. and a little bit lighter. All because of the tic tocs.
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