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so let me try and understand this. I can do aileron tics tocs on my 450 with short arcs. and i find it hard to do the same on my 250s because of my improper collective management? are you serious?
Absolutely. Today's 450 pros out of the box are crazy powerful, and yes all that power makes tic tocs much easier. Deceptively easy as a matter of fact. Your 250 is not up to the task of performing on the same level as the 450 given your skillset.

My point being if you were to put that 250 in the hands of someone like Bert Kammerer you'd likely see him pull off tic tocs with it that are just as fast if not faster than what you are currently doing with the 450. I've seen him do some crazy things with a low powered stock 250 including high speed, altitude maintaining tic tocs. The difference between him and us mortal men is good collective management.
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