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Default Question about tqail wag and gyro mode

Hi guys,

Finished building my new 250SE this week and I seem to have a minor case of the tail wags. Higher gain gives me small fast wags and lower gain gives me slow bigger wags.

It is a stock 250SE super combo (ie align 780 gyro, align servos, stock motor).

Now the strange thing I have noticed is that in rate mode the tail holds perfectly (after a bit of trim of course). There is not even a hint of wagging. When I switch back to HH mode the wag starts.

My question for the experts here is is this normal for most people suffering from wagging problems or does mine hint at a different problem. I would think that if it only wags in HH mode then it probably has nothing to do with tail binding or any mechanical issue but rather is the gyro that is inducing the wag.

Thinking along this line I checked for vibrations and cannot really detect much - interesting thing to note though is that there are no wags when the model in on the floor (ie just before take off) or when I spool it up in my hands. As soon as it leaves the ground it starts a wag.

Fortunatly it is a small wag and currently is more of an irritant than anything else.
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