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Just reboot radio enough times not RX.
But since there is at least one other factor, be prepared to do it for a while, I had streak where it took 100+ times, sometimes it happened within 3, other 50, without anything changing around me.

I replicated it on total G with 3 satellites, less servo jerky effect with 3 but, No, its not a vbar issue
Same thing with satellites connected to a R921, but then servo moves ok due to internal 2 x RX

You can even reboot enough times until it happen, then MOVE the satellites from vbar, totalg, whatever, and the effect stay, unless background interference change, did this several times.

Placement/Angle of Satellites does not seem to affect, tried that too, position of TX does to some extend, but that's where I hit the limit of my testing equipment as I could not see live, had to Move->record-Move-Record etc.
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