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Originally Posted by GunnyGlow View Post

I think maybe quoting paypals user agreement that sellers may not charge buyers any fees for the service of transferring money in their FS thread would be a reasonable solution.

Would it ruffle some feathers? You betcha.......
Well, they could add it to the FS forum rules. I thought I saw a sticky, regarding rules for the FS forum.
You're right about the enforcement.... penalize for penile___, wait... wait... that's not right. penalize for penalizing... That sounds better. But, I like the idea of at least quoting the PP rules, and maybe some hold on the seller acct until they fix the problem.... I don't know if you can make threads "invisible" or a temp delete, and after the fix is made, make it available. That way it's really "not" a penalty, but I imagine it takes much work by the mods....

ON a separate note, I've also seen other forums go so far as to require a photograph WITH the users screen name and date on a piece of paper, in the photo... Which would cut down on the scamming..... Of course, it wouldn't eliminate it... but, step in the right direction. I still think it's also a good idea to require a minimum of posts to access the FS forum, I know one that requires 100 (one HUNDRED!) But, I'm getting OT here.... so I will [/rant]

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