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Well, I'm revisiting the Blade CP pro after a couple of years away and basically IMO , its best to leave the stock head alone and Not upgrade to any kind of CNC. The biggest problem of course is a reliable tail. I went thru many brushed tail motors and finally went with a Micro brushless outrunner and a 5 x 5 GWS prop. Eliminated the stock 3 in 1 and basically have two seperate ESC's and a 72mHZ receiver on the old stock Blade CP pro TX. An old gyro from a Gaui 200 that a friend gave me running in rate mode. Its NOT a "Crazy 3D' powerhouse by any means but a Fun Sport flying Micro heli suitable for the backYard ! ( Disclaimer: I cannot and will never be able to fly as Good as Kyle Stacy ! LoL, but Thanks for the inspiration Bro !)

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