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I have updated the prices and included a breakdown of additional items.

Scorpion 4025-890kv motor - (used about 20-25 times)
(2) Hyperion 8s 4500mah brick packs (used about 7-8 times each) - retails $250 each
(6) Flightmax Turnigy 4s 4000mah 40c packs used in series (each pack used 3-4 times as a pair) - retails $50 each

1) Selling motor including mikado pinion 14t, 15t pinions for - $100 plus shipping and paypal fees
2) Both hyperion batteries for $300 plus shipping paypal fees included
3) All 6 flight max turnigy packs (with deans) for $200 plus shipping paypal fees included.

I also have misc logo 500 items for sale on this link:

Please let me know if your interested - I wish to sell the batteries first before I consider selling the additional pieces.

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